The Park

small waterfall

If I do not have somewhat regular access to natural areas that I can get lost in, I feel claustrophobic, somewhat suffocated by well defined yards, asphalted streets and right-angled houses.  I feel somewhat better on a bike trail, racing under a canopy of trees, but unpaved trails through a forest that I can wander about at a slower pace, pausing when I wish, are a full gulp of fresh air to me.  There, amid the unordered ramble of wildflowers, trees and running water, I find a rest and refreshment not present elsewhere.


This tiny park, made to seem larger by a dizzying maze of trails, makes me happy–for how lost Jason and I can get in it, even though it is small; for how we find something new each time we walk in it; and for its proximity.  All of this makes it an excellent retreat from the suburban claustrophobia that occasionally creeps up.


grass seed stalk


stradling tree

creek shelves

angling upstream

reflection bw

reflections in a pool


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