Buckets, Trimmings and Loveliness

“…When I see something unusual, I’m not content just to look at it. I must capture it. Last summer, in the farmyard, I was drawing something that was quite lovely in the sun, and suddenly, I realised I was drawing the pigs’ swill bucket. I had to laugh at myself.”

-Beatrix Potter in “Miss Potter”

That movie quote is one of my favorites because it describes situations that I often find myself in.  Take this photo, for example.

eggplant trimmings

It’s just a bunch of eggplant caps and trimmings in a paper towel, but those colors, in that light…struck me as lovely, even if I did throw the trimmings in the trash right after photographing them.  Beauty is so often in the midst of our daily tasks–its our recognition of it that needs training.

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