Along the trail to Ramsey Cascades


The hike to Ramsey Cascades and back has served as our excuse for downing a liberal amount of Blue Bell chocolate ice cream (loaded with nuts, marshmallows and brownie bits), followed by a bowl of popcorn while Jason watches his beloved Cowboys.  We’re on vacation, we say, and–we hiked eight miles up and down a mountain.  While we may not receive any sort of award for that effort, it’s a good enough rationalization, no?  Here’s a sampling of our hike:


forest floor

spiders web

snail shell

white moth

rocky trail

(Can you see the trail? It’s over on the right, just past the boulders in the foreground.  A fun and tiring scramble.)

the scream 4x6

I dubbed this guy, the tree “Scream.”



look down_log bridge (Looking down from one of the log plank bridges. Note: there are colored leaves on the ground, but very few on the trees.)

ramseys cascade1

The cascades!

us at the cascade


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