Sketch & Color

Starting the day off with time for sketching has been a good thing today.  With the composition class I’m teaching starting next week, along with some pronunciation tutoring on the side, I’m moving into a busier season.  Not terribly busy, but busy enough that it’s been easy to push “non-essential” creative activities to the side.

sketch in progress

However, there’s the lie.  It is this “non-essential” art that ushers in the joy and creativity by which I can rejoice in God and the abilities He’s given for the tasks around me.  So today, I sketched a bit more, thinking only of shapes and lines.  Then I dabbled in color, mixing a bit of a bright green, with ochre, sky blue, and a bit of periwinkle until a green that I was happy with emerged. With Rich Mullins, I am thankful for a God who created the color green, and who sustains it by His love.  With this initial wash of green, I am by no means done, but I’m learning to appreciate the process of slowly bringing a sketch to life with each wash of color and slow attention to detail.

One thought on “Sketch & Color

  1. Indeed God has gifted you, Sofia! Thanks for sharing and thank you for giving our God the glory! May He continue to bless and enrich your life.

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