Senior Pictures with Christian


So, my not-so-little younger brother is a senior in high school.  I’m still amazed at this.  A decade (give or take a few months) separates us age-wise, which means that he was about 10 when I moved out of the house to attend college.  It’s funny–although my family has not been that far away and we’ve done quite a bit together, in my mind he’s been that ten year old.  Only in the last few years (partly due to the fact that I now must look up to talk to him) have I realized that he really is growing up.

starbucks bw


starbucks & arena bw

In fact, today he legally becomes an adult. 18. Wow.

Jason and I visited my parents and Christian this past weekend to celebrate both his and my father’s birthdays.  While we were there, Christian and I went to downtown Columbus to take some senior portraits.  It gave me a chance to explore the newer Arena District and just spend some time with him.

guitar & sunburst


playing guitar2


huntington field

As you can see, Christian is a guitar playing, coffee drinking, baseball loving guy.  What you can’t see is his loyal, caring heart for people or his goofy-ness (he might kill me were I to publish some of the “out-takes” here).  I love this guy (though I still reserve the right to tease him mercilessly).



3 thoughts on “Senior Pictures with Christian

  1. Its fun to see you taking portraits- these are great. I think you captured him well! Its kind of fun to snap photos of siblings… there’s that bond between that you don’t have with anyone else.

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