pears in a row_edited

Over the last few months, my friend Leah and I have been sending each other photo “projects” or “challenges.”  Each of these challenges has been based on a simple theme: so far we’ve focused first on the color purple, and then triangles.  Most recently, Leah suggested we look for threes–either the numeral or a collection of three objects. The cool weather has been making me want to hibernate, so I turned my attention to things at hand, inside. Thanks to my new-found love of pears, I had three different varieties at my disposal.  Ergo, a pear photo shoot where I played around with a few arrangements. (Jason snickered a bit–in love, of course.)

pear trio in bowl2_cropped

The brown pear (I forget its official name) is a bit of the ugly ducking of the group, and the red pear stands out like a gem, but I like the way all three colors complement each other, like the fall leaves outside.


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