Thanksgiving Memories

This Thanksgiving was different from past celebrations.  This year, my side of the family converged on our house for the extended weekend. (My grandfather said he felt like singing “Over the river and through the woods, to granddaughter’s house we go.)

We had a good time preparing turkeys (yes, 2–the plural was intentional), pies, and other dishes together with my grandparents and uncle.

Possibly my favorite picture--taken by Uncle

Possibly my favorite Thanksgiving picture–taken by my uncle

1 brining turkey

5 making pies

6 cranberries

11 potato peelers

Really–they weren’t doing all the work. I just took as many opportunities as I could to get pictures of them together. 🙂


On Thursday, Jason took charge of smoking the turkeys, my parents and brother arrived with additional fixings, and my friend Jihee contributed Bulgogi (Korean marinated beef) to the Thanksgiving smorgasbord.


15.5 chef & turkey

16 turkey platter

18 buffet line

20 table setting

Then we ate.

21 ready to eat

The best whole-group photo (my grandmother did her best to avoid being seen in the photo…)

22 plate of food

And talked.

And listened to my dad’s ukelele practice.

24 papa uke

And ate again.

7 pumpkin pies

26 pave

In the midst of the talking, eating, and general bustle, I realized that Thanksgiving also marked six months in our house.  A house that is more and more becoming  a home that we’re glad to find helps us to provide a warm welcome for family and friends.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memories

  1. wonderful pictures that tell the story of a special time together with your family. You are blessed, indeed. Thanks for sharing!

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