Snow day from the inside


For the last hour or so, I’ve been making a point of staying at the kitchen table, whether I’ve been answering emails, grading or (now) writing.  Although the stools are hard oak, and this vantage point gives me a much better view of dishes in the sink than I’d prefer, this position also allows me the perfect view out to the snow that’s been coming down all afternoon. (It’s a beautiful view in person, but harder to capture on camera as more than a dim mist than I anticipated. Just know that the dim mist is the descent of thousands of snow flakes.)


So far, I’ve been enjoying the beauty of the snow from inside the house, snug in my assurance that there is no compelling need to battle with the practicalities of driving in icy slush.  The windows ping with the impact of crystalline water, and I rejoice in the knowledge that I got my grocery shopping done yesterday, and that Jason can work just as well from home as from the office today.  I love the holiday feeling that comes with the “snow day” designation.  When schools and universities have closed and other activities are being cancelled, then perhaps it’s ok for the day to follow a slower, more contemplative pace.

If enough snow falls, perhaps we’ll venture out tomorrow and test its snowman making properties.  For today, however, I’m content to bumble around the house, doing completely unnecessary things, like taking pictures of candle light that’s caught my eyes, and considering the future possibilities of making Spanish-style hot chocolate.


What’s your idea of a good snow day?


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