Touch me again

In his song, “Out of Tune,” Ben Shive sings out the emotions and desires of a piano that’s been abandoned.  It finds itself out of tune and unable to play out the melodies it holds.  The piano longs for the hand that, upon finding it, will liberate it to usefulness.

printing press_2gears

On the back patio of a nearby restaurant/bar overlooking the river, as out of place as anything could appear to be, stands an old printing press.  It stands there, against the railing fencing in the patio from a drop into the river, a few feet from the dumpster, open to the elements.  I can’t help wondering what its story is; how it came to be left in this apparently random resting place.

printing press_allen bros

I wonder if, with Ben Shive’s piano, it too would cry,

Come and touch me again
Come and press a message into my hand

–if it could.  Would that touch come too late?

printing press_gears

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