White as Snow

By the end of January, the glow and excitement of Christmas, New Years, and my birthday have passed.  The novelty of snow has also passed, and I’m getting anxious for spring. However, the snow keeps its own schedule, regardless of my boredom with winter and longing for a warmer, more vibrant season.

pine cones_infa

For all that, I can’t deny the beauty of a fresh snow fall.  Of waking up to a world where the drab greens and browns have been covered over in brilliant white.  Out of the different snows we’ve had (yes, there is more than one type), my favorite is the “wetter” kind that lines branches and even manages to balance on the wire of our back fence.  Then, truly, the world seems transformed: cleaner, brighter, glistening with white.

snowy trees

barbed snow fence

laden boughs

home in the snow

This whiteness is more than nature’s adornment.  With the rest of creation, snow’s beauty points out beyond itself, showing the allure of purity, awakening a desire for that pristine glory within us.

Wash me white as snow,

And I will be made whole.

snow bud

(lyrics from a song by Jon Foreman – hear the whole song here)


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