Birthday Retrospective

Birthdays are a good post-holiday excuse to get together with people you love and eat great food–well, at least mine was this past weekend. On Saturday, my parents came over, and we ate, talked, and played games from then through til Sunday. It was good.  The pictures below give only a small sense of our time together.  It’s hard to capture or recount the delight of being together with those I love, of hearing Jason’s frustration as he struggled with wrapping paper in the basement on Saturday morning, of savoring the goodness of well-prepared food, of old jokes and stories growing into new ones. Here, however, are a few moments from those days.

Following a lunch of bibimbap at a nearby Korean restaurant, we broke into the turrón (Spanish almond candy) that my aunt had sent my parents.

eating turron

turon_slicingSome of it is like fudge and slices easily, while another variety requires a bit more force to cut shatter it.



Throughout the whole day, Jason kept popping out to check the smoker, which was slowly cooking a hunk of pork, destined to be pulled pork.

smoker_snowy day

Towards the end of the day, it began snowing again, and so we took our finished pork out of the smoker amid a fairly heavy snow shower.

smoker in the snow

After the pulled pork, there was, at last, the birthday cake: a delicious spiced apple olive oil cake whose recipe was given to me by a neighbor (and which I will be sharing with you soon).

cake_dual lighters


cake & birthday girl bw


3 thoughts on “Birthday Retrospective

  1. Great pictures Sofia.  It does give a good perspective of a wonderful time together.

    Smoker in the snow is an interesting sight.

    I am glad you had a wonderful time for your birthday.  Our thoughts were with you.





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