Calm Blue

shower glass abstract_blog

Fair warning: expect to see a decent array of more abstract photos over the next several posts. Last week, Kim Manley Ort’s “Going Abstract” class started up, and per a friend’s recommendation, I’ve joined in.  It comes just in time.  A class on seeing the normal elements of life around us with a different perspective has been a helpful nudge out of the cabin-fever induced slump of the past few weeks.  I’m still not inclined to explore much outdoors, but the course’s focus has been helping me to look with more curiosity at my indoor surroundings.

It is interesting how much perspective and focus can change the appearance of things.  The cool, refreshingly blue and sea-green ripples are in actuality the colors of my bathroom as seen through the shower door–and yet to me, the reflections of light call to mind the calm joy of relaxing by a lake, river, pond in the twilight when lights and reflections are just beginning to come into their glory.


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