Known to the depths, but loved to the sky


But the gospel transforms us so our self-understanding is no longer based on our performance in life.  We are so evil and sinful and flawed that Jesus had to die for us.  We were so lost that nothing less than the death of the divine Son of God could save us.  But we are so loved and valued that he was willing to die for us.  The Lord of the universe loved us enough to do that!  So the gospel humbles us into the dust at the very same time exalts us to the heavens.  We are sinners but completely loved and accepted in Christ at the same time.  How do you get the power of grace?  You can’t create this power; you can only reflect it to others if you have received it.  If you see Jesus dying on the cross for others, forgiving the people who killed him, that can be a crushing example of forgiving love that you will never be able to live up to.  But if instead you see Jesus dying on the cross for you, forgiving you, putting away your sin, that changes everything.  He saw your heart to the bottom but loved you to the skies.

(Tim Keller, in The Meaning of Marriage)


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