Family & Feasting

Holidays–or really any family gathering at our house– mean getting together and making a break from the every day by feasting.  My health-conscious mother probably fears for our health since she never sees our daily food intake (lots of chicken and vegetables….really, Mamá), but there’s just something about having family over that sends us into a festal cooking mode, especially when it comes to meat (the meal-time star attraction around here).

Over the course of the weekend, we ate:

(None of which I got pictures of, mostly because I was much t0o eager to actually eat said items.)

We spent a lot of time in the kitchen together Saturday afternoon and evening, which made me thankful for the counter-height table that allowed us to chat as Jason, my mom and I worked on the preparations. Thanks are also due to the dishwasher–may I never become inured to its wonders.

On Sunday, we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection, the promise of eternal life that it vouchsafed, and the honor it bestowed on our humanity and physicality, in light of the resurrection to come. In celebration of that, we tasted and saw that lamb cooked over an open flame, charbroiled on the outside, but tenderly brown and lightly pink on the inside, was good.  To that was added the contrasting coolness of tomato and cucumber, tangy with a dressing of olive oil, lemon, salt and cumin, as well as the rich flavors of rice cooked with mushrooms, onions, and chicken broth. All this we savored together, and in our enjoyment of flavor and family, we anticipated an even greater feast to come.

family photo

This was taken when, prior to this meal, we decided to memorialize the occasion by taking a family picture. We finally got one where everyone was looking at the camera and had their eyes open at the same time, but not before we dissolved into giggles as the family dog decided to relieve herself just outside of the frame of the photo.

laughing at josie

C’est la vie.


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