All things beautiful in their time

backlit blooms

This has been an emotional roller coaster ride of a day.  More down than up, I’m afraid…and I’m still waiting to see how it all resolves. Through it all comes the reminder of God’s Father heart towards me in Jesus, and that He is the one that makes all things beautiful in their time. Many things bring this to mind–memories of friends’ past experiences along with my own, true words once accepted and now clung to, and a deepening knowledge of His love–but the magnolia tree reaching past the front window is a visual that encapsulates them all.

A week before Easter its buds were full in their readiness to open. A few were just then beginning to tentatively unfurl. And then we woke up to snow. In April. The cold white covering soon melted from the tree, but not before blighting the blooms that had showed such promise. Those buds turned brown and rotted on the very branches that had been feeding their burgeoning life just a day prior. There they sat for a week…two…Jason and I started hoping that leaves would follow quickly to hide the brown, withering death.

However, something better came, something we did not expect: new blooms! In the same place where the withered remains still hung, bright pink buds were emerging, and have continued on to become large, gently opening flowers.

out of death

in a row

magnolia flowers 2

magnolia flowers

magnolia bloom_pink glow

magnolia bloom_green glow

He does indeed make all things beautiful in their time…so I can trust and wait, resting not only in His plan, but in His love as well.


3 thoughts on “All things beautiful in their time

  1. (Can you tell I’m just now really getting a time to catch up on your blog?)

    But thank you for this- for your words. I’m really feeling this right now and while I know this, its good to be reminded. I can’t wait to catch up with you this summer.

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