Beautiful explosions

firework 7

I wish I could remember my first exposure to fireworks. Did I react in fear to the body-shaking sound? Did my eyes open wide in awe at the flaming colors, thrown high in the sky like shooting stars, only to fall without raining down fire on the spectators  below? Or was I simply mesmerized by the colors?

firework abstract 5

firework abstract 6_confetti

After a few years of either not seeing fireworks in person or (worse) seeing rather anemic pops of light, this year’s spectacle at the Wright Patterson Airforce Base Tattoo reminded me of the wonder of fireworks: these rumbling, blinding explosions that we gather to see in crowds, pressing in as close as we can, the better to appreciate the transient galaxies, comets, and unstable stars hovering over us.

firework 4

firework 3

firework 5

fireworks set of three

firework 2

In the midst of all your celebrations may entail, I hope you get to enjoy fireworks this 4th of July–to truly take in the wonder and beauty of these booming, flaming, and beautiful explosions overhead.

firework 1

show finale2


One thought on “Beautiful explosions

  1. Great pictures Sofia! We did not get to see any fireworks this year, so these pictures provided a good reminder of the excitement and awe of these explosions of grandeur.

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