A Departure

“Glorious, stirring sight!” murmured Toad…”The poetry of motion! The real way to travel! The only way to travel! Here today–in next week tomorrow! Villages skipped, towns and cities jumped–always somebody else’s horizon! Oh bliss! Oh poop-poop! Oh my! Oh my!”

It is a testament of how love for another and their interests can change a person in that I no longer class car-lovers with the likes of Mr. Toad from The Wind in the Willows. In fact, a little over a month ago, I willingly accompanied Jason to the Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance at Ault Park. To be honest, I still have a long way to go when it comes to car appreciation–I still mostly see shapes when I look at cars (not power, not prowess). When an older gentleman asked me my favorite car, all I could come up with was a vague comment about the older vehicles being visually interesting. So here you go, a view ofthe Cincinnati Concours through the eyes of a beholder taken with shapes, colors, lines–and the occasional oddity.

Classic sweeping lines and luxury

classic car exterior

classic car interior

wood tires

A little more modern: from wood to chrome…

Classic maserati interior

Classic maserati

mustang wheel

Intermission: Of course I would find some flowers (these were hanging from a pergola-like structure)

hung flowers

And now a few oddities


classic car_yellow & wicker

FIAT multipla

FIAT multipla2

The hood ornaments may have been my favorite part of the whole show…

hood ornament_archer

hood ornament_bird

hood ornament_woman

hood ornament_swan

hood ornament_plane


3 thoughts on “A Departure

  1. I always like the hood ornaments, too. The best way to explore something new is with a camera in hand, don’t you think? Nice pics!

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