Life Lately…

“Stretching” is the most apt one-word response should you choose to ask how things have been lately. Stretching mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s been a few weeks of figuring out how to balance a new tutoring schedule along with the “musts” and “wants” of home and personal life, of feeling my body literally stretch to accommodate the growing, wriggling life inside of it, of working through the practicalities of life with other believers in the church, of reading and thinking and feeling more than I’ve been able to express… Basically, it’s been a few weeks of busy living, and by this past Friday, I was ready for a break, one which thankfully did come.

One that began with chocolate and a card from Jason, then a picnic at the park in Loveland with him, where after some coaxing, he allowed me to take his picture.

jason collage

One where we just talked, and people-watched, goofed off, and just were together.

evening light at river

One where we wandered along the bank of the little Miami. I took pictures, and Jason skipped rocks, except when I stopped in a bit of evening light and asked Jason to take some pictures (since I am selfie impaired).



sunset at river

sunset at river detail2sunset at river detail1

ripples_skipping stones

In short, just the right kind of simple, relaxed, restorative answer to life lately.


One thought on “Life Lately…

  1. Beautiful! I especially love how the vertical picture of the water captures the light, color, and movement. Looks like a lovely rest for a busy mama-to-be 🙂

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