Sapphire Valley Memories

Although there’s much to  be said for being in the moment, without the intermediary of a camera lens, I’ve found that taking photos (without allowing that to take over) helps me to savor the moment as I revisit it later during the photo editing process. Here, then, are some images of memories from our two days in the Sapphire Valley area of North Carolina.

Our first day was spent in pursuit of waterfalls–particularly waterfalls that could be reached via fairly short, non-rigorous trails for the sake of pregnant me. We ended up making it to three waterfalls: Glen Falls, Whitewater Falls, and Silver Run Falls, the first two of which you may have seen photos of in an earlier blog post.

To start with, here are a few more photos from upper Glen Falls (where you could get pretty close to the edge), as well as a few details from the trail.

14 falls edge & mntns

14 glenn falls +leaves

18 jason & surpisingly deep hole

The rocks, and subsequently the trails, have a large number of mica deposits, which causes them to sparkle brightly in the light.

The rocks, and subsequently the trails, have a large quantity of mica deposits, which causes them to give off a silvery sparkle.

19 trail flowers

9 mom & dad

Our hiking companions: Jason’s parents.

28 m&d photo @ falls

My father-in-law and I may have been responsible for an ice-cream break between waterfall hikes…

32 Kilwins

33 Kilwins icecream

Afterwards, we went on to Whitewater Falls (featured here) and Silver Run Falls. Our time at Silver Run Falls, though the smallest and least impressive of the ones we saw, was probably my favorite. Their smallness meant that we could get up close to them and spend some time sitting next to the pool the water poured into before making its way down a small stream. (This area also reminded me a bit of the description of Cauldron Pool in The Last Battle, which likely also contributed to my preference.)

37 silver run falls

42 silver run falls close up

43 silver run falls_base


47 SRF old wood


45 SRF tree over fall

46 SRF mossy branch

48 SRF trees


Our second day was mostly spent hiking on Whiteside Mountain. It really wasn’t that long of a hike (about a mile up and the same again down), but given the limitations of my lung capacity (thanks to this guy), we took it pretty easy on the uphill portion. (You can see photos of it here.) We had lunch at the top, hiked back down, and then decided to do a bit of canoeing in the afternoon. Fairfield Lake, in sight of Bald rock, was a great place for this.

29 bald rock

30 canoes by fairfield lake

31.5 N Carolina 8-17-14 036_edit

(Many thanks to my father-in-law, who was not afraid to take his camera with him and got this shot of Jason and me)

31 bald rock & fairfield lake


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