inlaid wood detail

Seems a random collection of photos, doesn’t it? Yet, they are united by a common theme of simplicity of composition: in the case of the first two photos, simplicity via focusing on one element either through use of negative space or shallow depth of field (where the subject is in sharp focus, while the background is blurred); in the last photo, there is a simplicity in the relationship between two subjects (in this instance, contrast: between textures, lines, and color). How did this collection come about?

About a week and a half ago, I started an online photoraphy course, led by Kim Manley Ort, that focuses on photographing exclusively with a 50mm prime lens (no zoom). I registered back in the Spring, when I first got my Nikon and the 50(ish)mm lens that has been attached to my camera since then (occasionally to Jason’s chagrin when I inform him that I can’t just zoom to pick up a faraway detail that he would like captured). While I didn’t need a class to get me playing with the lens and exploring its possibilities,  I am glad for my involvement in this class for a few reasons: for one, I like taking part in an online course is the opportunity for constructive feedback from the instructor and other participants. It’s nice getting some responses to work I’ve done, rather than sending it out into the void of the internet and not being sure how it’s being perceived. As a result of the interactive nature of the course, it provides a level of creative accountability. There are assignments twice a week, which help me be a bit more consistent about not only getting the camera out for specific shots, rather than pulling it out as inspiration strikes, but also thinking through the technique of what I’m doing. Then, too, the assignments help me to try out different approaches than the ones I tend to gravitate towards. Admittedly, last week’s assignment (which these photos come from) played to my natural photographic tendencies, but then there are assignments, like this week’s, which call for street photography/portraiture. That’s been a bit more difficult, but I’m hoping to get at least a couple shots over the next few days.

regularity & disorder


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