One day’s ramblings

A little over a week ago, Jason and I spent a few days in Chicago. It started as a business trip that I got to tag along on. During Jason’s busy day I reconnected with a high school friend and spent the afternoon at the art museum (more on that later), but then once business was taken care of, we were free to ramble about Chicago together on Friday afternoon, prior to meeting another friend for dinner.

The last time we were in Chicago, we did the touristy thing and waited in line for the Sears tower. This time, we took a friend’s advice and went instead to the Signature Lounge just below the observation deck at the top of Hancock Tower. With little to no wait, no admission price beyond the food you purchase, and a place to sit and enjoy the view with much less touristy chaos, this is the way to get a bird’s eye view of Chicago.

1 Jason @ Hancock Tower

3 view from Signature Lounge

–And ladies, don’t miss the view from the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom (as in the main area, not the individual stalls).

Click on the photos for a better view…


From the Hancock Tower, we made our way down Michigan Avenue, pausing at interesting shop windows and intriguing courtyards.

13 window display_michigan ave

14 window display detail

8 church courtyard


We stopped briefly at the river to look down on the preparations for the Chicago Fire Festival.

15 prep for chic fire fest


We spent some time in the Millennium Park area, where a photo of us in the Bean was de rigueur before going on to explore the surrounding gardens, the Buckingham Fountain (in nearby Grant Park), and a quaint second-hand bookshop that I could’ve spent a good hour (or more) in, had we the time.

16 JRS in the bean

17 millenium park garden

18 millenium park garden detail


19.5 buckingham fountain

22 buckingham fountain_wind

It was just a bit windy in fine Chicago style…

21 buckingham fountain detail

23 select books

A glimpse of one room in Selected Works Used Books & Sheet Music

We ended the day in the Old Town area of Chicago, where we had dinner with a friend and then took a leisurely walk through the neighborhood. The ironwork on this church door fascinated me.

29 door of church in old town


2 thoughts on “One day’s ramblings

  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially like the tall wooden church door and the flowers with the skyline in the background. And that sounds like a bookstore to add to my plans next time I’m in Chicago!

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