Life in the spin cycle

How to begin after more than a month away from blogging?

2014 ended in a blur of new adjustments: to less sleep, to diaper changes, to attempting to live life in the three hour-ish increments between feedings, to figuring out what those feedings should consist of, to all the changes of a post-pregnancy body. I’ve never been very good at life-status change, and having a baby far outstrips any previous changes I’ve gone through (see also relocation).

“It’s like someone packed my life into the washer and hit run. I’m not sure which way is up, and haven’t found a stable base to start from,” I’ve explained to friends.

Living in a spin cycle environment has been a sore trial to my hobbit soul, but slowly we’re finding a rhythm in this new normal. Enough of a rhythm for me to get out to a coffee shop (thanks to the good-heartedness of my husband…and the new-found flexibility of formula-feeding) and take time to reflect over the past month via working through the photos we’ve taken. During the first month or so of Rowan’s life it was easy for me to get bogged down in the absolute physical tiredness of night feedings and emotional exhaustion of his feeding/weight gain issues. Now, looking back at photos from Christmas, I’m reminded of high points throughout–of tummy time fun, family visits,and of celebratory meals reminding us to taste the goodness of God’s provision for us.

     (Our first-ever Christmas dinner at home)

(A belated Christmas dinner with my family, Rowan cuddles and Ticket to Ride)


In 2014 we waved goodbye to the old normal.

Hello 2015, year of the new normal.

Christmas time resized-1


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