In the whirl of charting a course through our new normal, a few things have fallen by the wayside–regular entries in this blog for one. However, this post on reinvigorating creative expression through the sharing of “small written wonderings” has inspired me to follow suit, publishing at least one glimpse into my life, thoughts, or readings at least once a week (baby steps….baby steps).

So here’s the first glimpse: Midway through last week, winter’s power weakened, and after a rainy night, the snow began to melt. As a result, we had a couple fairly misty days. On one of those days, I woke up and looked out the kitchen window to see the stand of trees behind our house transformed into a forest which housed secrets as it stretched out past my ability to see through branches and mist. Fairyland had taken up residence just beyond our familiar back fence.

fog & trees resized-2

fog & trees resized-1

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