Magnolia blooms

magnolias resized-1

Almost a year ago, I sat on the couch in the midst of the dark day when we thought I was losing the child growing inside of me, staring out at the magnolia blooms outside our living room window. Their beauty, even after a late frost had blighted the first buds, reminded me of God’s loving faithfulness, that He is making all things beautiful in their time.

magnolias resized-6

Since then, we’ve moved from spring, through to summer, fall, winter, and once more to spring. The child we feared to lose is napping upstairs, and I’m again looking out the living room window at the blooms swaying from gracefully bowed branches. The flowers are beautiful in their own right, but they are all the more lovely to me by the remembrance they bring.

magnolias resized-5

magnolias resized-2


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