Five months today

Rowan 5.1 - resized-4

So, somehow I managed to miss the other month milestones, but here we are, five months from Rowan’s birth date.He’s alive, and we’re also alive–so far, so good. We’re thankful for his growing inquisitiveness, good natured-ness and for the smile that draws out others’ smiles, be it family, friends, or new acquaintances at the grocery store. I’ve yet to capture that smile with my camera, though, because the moment it comes out, he stares at it intensely, trying to figure it out.

Rowan 5.1 - resized-5

When he’s awake, perpetual motion is what he prefers. As I’ve generally photographing preferred inanimate, still objects, Rowan presents a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping what I want in focus. I’m still working on that.

It’s a bit easier when he’s asleep.

Rowan 5.1 - resized-3


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