Shaping Words

autumn words-6

Words that describe and define my thoughts often do not come easily. Or rather, the desire for precision and eloquence in my writing has often tripped up fluency. This struggle for expression ebbs and flows with the influences of seasons I find myself in, and now it’s at full flow. Since Rowan’s birth, bringing form and substance to my thoughts has seemed more difficult: my mind (distracted, busy, and tired) searches longer than it used to for the right word. In fact, the word I want often remains just beyond recall, stubbornly elusive. Therefore, expression requires more time, but time is my most scarce commodity, and what time I have often is not enough for satisfying wordplay.

–So, for now, my manner of playing with words has changed a bit: from shaping thoughts with words, to giving thought as to the shape of the words themselves.

autumn words-1

autumn words-2

autumn words-4

autumn words-3

p.s. Yes, I’m a fan of autumn–have been since before the pumpkin spice latte madness…

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