Some weeks…

Some weeks…

…the baby who usually sleeps so well doesn’t–and when he does, his coughing reverberates in newly acquired “mommy ears” and sleep doesn’t happen;

laundry (albeit clean) is the main decorative motif in the living room and bed room;

coffee, allegra, flonase, and dry shampoo become life-lines to sanity;

and the words “rest” and “normal” don’t work the way they used to.

But some weeks…

[the same, actually]

…not one but two decadent chocolate pecan pies are made, following a family recipe;

one pie is eaten with friends who come over to play board games and chat;

the other is brought to a picnic with church friends who are becoming family;

(the leftovers are…um…taken care of in their own time.)

09.02 pie (1)


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