Salad Days

09.06 salad resized

No, this isn’t penance for the (ehem…mass…) amounts of chocolate pecan pie that we consumed last weekend. It’s just the daily simple salad I make for lunch and eat alongside some hummus and wheat thins most days. The other day I happened to set it down on the counter next to the sink and discovered that the light there is fantastic, and so I compulsively grabbed my camera and took a picture. That’s what I do when I like the way something–almost anything–looks. It’s a way of pausing and commemorating beauty, of trying to collect moments like lightning bugs in a jar (thanks, Lucy Shaw, for that image!).

Commemorating daily glimpses of life is what I’ve been at lately. I’ve had to make peace with the fact that it’s mostly a lot of family (and of that, mostly baby) and food photos. My inner critic is afraid of becoming a “mom blogger,” but the truth is I am a mom now, of a nine-month-old (how’d that happen?),andĀ that’s a lot of what life is in this season.

So here goes embracing all the moments in these “salad days” of still-new motherhood…


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