An Impromptu Session

10.13.15 fall hike resized-3Ever have title indecision? Coming up with a title may be one of my least favorite tasks, to the point that I never forced it upon freshmen composition students when I taught. Part of the difficulty may lie with the need to succinctly sum up a piece’s content in an engaging (yet not overdone) way.

Often, after a few failed attempts (October morning–blah… Morning with Munchkins–too Gilderoy Lockhardt…Green & Gold–too vague), I do the mental equivalent of throwing darts at words and just put something up. Because sometimes it’s difficult to summarize a walk with a new friend and her little one, where we enjoyed a classic green, gold, and blue October morning, talked as we walked, and took time to watch our tiny people discover each other and the small patch of earth around them.

10.13.15 fall hike resized-9

10.13.15 fall hike resized-8


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