One whole year

Happy birthday, little man!

Your daddy and I are so glad to celebrate this day with you (though we decided it wiser to wait until dinner time for daddy to sing “Happy Birthday” to you, rather than to wake you before he left for work).

As of now–9:23 in the morning–you have been breathing oxygen for one whole year.

One whole year. One whole year ago you made your entrance and were curled up on my chest as we both rested in the aftermath of your arrival. Now, looking back, I’m feeling strangely nostalgic. I had to take these photos out, sort them, share a few. Look at you–how tiny you were, and how you’ve grown.

Your growth from perennially sleeping infant to perpetual motion toddler is not unique in the history of the world, but that transformation is no less beautiful, astonishing, and bewildering for all that. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. We’re already starting to get glimpses of your personality (looks like the family traits of a strong will and goofiness are strong with you, young one), and I’m so excited to watch you continue growing into who you are in this next year. May you grow in grace, in wisdom, in love, in curiosity, and in the silliness born of joy and wonder.

Love, your Mama



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