Hi–welcome to this cIMG_9252_fbcroporner of the blog world.  I’m glad you made it.

What’s this blog about, you ask? Well, first what it’s not.  I can’t promise you DIY inspiration, a wealth of recipes, or entertaining tales of motherhood.

I can, however, welcome you to experience some snapshots of my life as a wife, mother of one, teacher, homemaker (without the heels & pearls), and lover of beauty. There’s joy to be found in seeking out, participating in and memorializing the art of this life.  It’s my pleasure to share what I find along the way with you, hoping that in these views through my eyes, you might catch glimpses with me of the Source from Whom all joy, truth, and beauty flows.

If you’re curious about the background for the title, Adorning the Dark, click here for my “inaugural” post.

Let me know any questions or comments you have–I look forward to connecting with you,




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