Morning Joy

The light

fan and light

branches curtains light2

chair and light

through curtains3

And this:

“For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light”

I’ve been reading through Mark and this morning I came across this snippet from a larger discourse of Jesus’ in chapter 4 (vs. 22 to be precise).  The context is Jesus explaining why he uses parables: to smuggle truth into hearts and minds that were closed to his teaching.  The purpose of the parables wasn’t to hide truth so that it couldn’t be found–instead it was to hide truth in order that it would be sought out.  Life often feels like a parable.  We sense that there is meaning around us.  Sometimes it flames out in a way we understand, and other times it can seem so frustratingly hidden.  And that’s why I like this verse.  God is at work–here in our circumstances, our experiences–even though we may not see the full portent of what He is doing.  But–one day–we will.


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